2nd Grade Spotlight

Sarah Jessica Winders


Sarah Jessica Winders

About the Teacher


I am a product of DeSoto County schools, having attended the Olive Branch schools my entire education.  After graduating from Olive Branch High School, I then spent two years at Northwest Community College then transferred to The University of Mississippi to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  I received my Master's in Gifted Education from Arkansas State University.


After graduating from Ole Miss, I was offered a third grade position at Southaven Intermediate School.  I loved third grade and consider it a privilege to have taught 3rd grade at SIS for the first four years of my teaching career!  Then I was offered the 3rd grade SPOTLIGHT position at SIS, where I spent the next four years.  I transferred to LPS in 2016, and it's such a privilege being part of the Lewisburg family!!  This will be my 15th year teaching (11th year teaching gifted) and my 7th year at Lewisburg.  I'm SO excited about 2nd grade gifted and absolutely love being a Patriot!! :)

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You can now order Scholastic Books through our class page!!  Click HERE to go to our page! :) 

This year we will be working our way through different units!!  I'm so excited about this year and all the learning we will encounter!

Please feel free to visit our website often for updates, what's happening in our class, and announcements!!

In S.P.O.T.L.I.G.H.T. we will explore thematic units in which we will incorporate the areas of gifted education. These elements include creativity, communication, research, thinking skills, leadership with group dynamics, social and emotional development, and performing arts. Please feel free to contact me from the email link any time you have questions about classroom activities, unit material, or field trips.

Gifted Websites
For Fun..

A few activities to try...


Coding is always a hit in our room!  They love it!  Remember, you do not need a log-in.  Simply click on "students" or the bumblebee picture, then scroll down and choose from: Dance Party, Minecraft, Al for Oceans, or Flappy Code


You can either click on the image below or click on with link www.code.org


Remember to have fun and be creative :)




Always remember to have fun and use your imagination this summer!

Try some of the following activities:

*Build a paper airplane launcher

*Create a fort either inside or outside (be sure to ask your parents first)

*Ask your parents if you can help make dinner for your family one day

*Invent your own musical instrument

*Collect rocks around your house or while you are on a walk and paint them with encouraging words. Then leave them where others can find them.

*Write a story and act it out for your family.  Include parts for your brothers and sisters or friends, if you want.

*Build something using things that you find from nature.

*Look at the clouds...do any of them remind you of anything?


Let's play a little Boggle! How many words can you find? :) 

Boggle Board May 18th - May 22nd

Lego Activities

Grab some legos and see how many of these you can create!  :)  Have fun and be creative!!  :)



Creative Building