Holly Robinson
Physical Education

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

My name is Holly Robinson and I have been teaching P.E. for 15 years.  I have been at LES for 13 years, GO PATRIOTS!  I am married with two children, and live in Nesbit.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  Some of my hobbies include shopping, swimming, reading, watching my children play sports, shopping and more shopping!  I love to travel to new places in the United States.

Class Schedule

A couple of suggestions for when you are bored and need to stay active.  (3/17 - 3/24)

Monday: Personal Best Test

Tuesday: Watch a lesson from PE Central

Wednesday: Walk for 30 minutes 

Thursday: Participate in an activity from Adventure Academy

Friday: Choose a physical activity with a family member.  Some examples are jumping jacks, trunk twists, touch toes, jog in place, or burpees. 


Activities for March 25th, 26th, and 27th:

Wednesday: Go to youtube.com and you will find PE at Home: Music Moves from    https://openphysed.org/activeschools/activehome. This is a fun workout that all of you will enjoy!

Thursday: You may visit https://movetolearn.com  There is a session every day at 9:00 a.m. for you to participate and get mooovin'!

Friday:  I want you to test for Personal Best.  This is a great way to document how well you are progressing while we are in quarantine.  

Sit Ups-1 minute, Push Ups-30 seconds, Walk-9 minutes


Activities for March 30th - April 3rd

I am REALLY missing you all.  I hope to see your cute and smiling faces ASAP!  Please work on the following this week and take advantage of sunny days.

 Monday: Practice "Yoga for Kids!"  https://youtube.com 

Tuesday:  Personal Best (Sit Ups-1 minute, Push Ups-30 seconds, Walk-9 minutes)

Wednesday:  Ask your parents FIRST,  then go outside to do some exercises.  I would like for you to participate in 20 jumping jacks, 20 trunk twists, and touch toes 10 times.  If available shoot some hoops, ride a bike, or take a walk or run.

Thursday:  Repeat the "Yoga for Kids!" from Monday.  This will give you an opportunity to make progress and become stronger.  

Friday:   Practice "P.E. with Joe!"  https://youtube.com








Attention to PE students...I miss all of you!  I hope you will stay active by taking advantage of sunny days and warmer temperatures.  If the weather doesn't cooperate, I would like for you to look at these websites.  Stay active and sweet!




Remember that the SPARK test is always a great way to stay strong and fit.  Each time you do the Personal Best, please write the date to see if you made progress in each area.

Sit Ups-1 minute, Push Ups-30 seconds and walk for 9 minutes 

 I hope to see everyone SOON!

Mrs. Holly