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October 15-19
Due Date: 10/21/2018
Subject: Language Arts

October 15-19, 2018 

Reading/ Making Meaning



Mentor Text: 
Big Cats 

Students will read Expository Nonfiction using "I Wonder" statements and Alpha Boxes to aid comprehension.  

Vocabulary words are in the "Forms" tab on the main page. Students have the words and definitions in their vocabulary notebooks as well. Weeks 6 and 7  are our current focus. Students have these definitions in their vocabulary notebooks.  

Being a Writer


Expository Nonfiction 

Students will read Expository Nonfiction Articles and complete reading responses using evidence from the passages. 


 Independent and Dependent Clauses

Complex Sentences

Students have notes and examples in their grammar notebook.




Week 10

  1. smoother
  2. football
  3. county
  4. choice
  5. raw
  6. flew
  7. introduce
  8. uncrowded
  9. evening
  10. pocket
  11. hiring
  12. perhaps
  13. enemies
  14. route
  15. system

Each student has a Spelling Menu sheet in their spelling notebook to use for homework and practice.

Spelling tests are given on Friday.


 Social Studies


Columbus and the Columbian Exchange 




Students have a username and password in their agenda for the science book online. The website also has videos, interactive investigations, vocabulary, and more! Please use this resource. It is excellent!

Mixtures and Solutions


Words to Know:

  • matter
  • physical properties
  • mass
  • volume
  • density
  • solids
  • liquids
  • gases
  • freezes
  • melts
  • evaporation
  • sublimation
  • condensation
  • phase change
  • water vapor

 That information should be studied nightly in preparation for assessments.

This week we will work through Investigation 3-parts 1-4. These investigations  focus on concentration of a solution and it's affects on density.

Students will be given additional I-Check 3 notes on Monday. 

Science Investigation I-check 3 will be given Thursday, Oct. 18.


Students have a username and password in their agenda for the online MyMath book. The website contains practice activities, videos, tutorials, and more! Please use this website for review and reteaching the skills.

Objectives for Unit 3 Assessment:

  • Distributive Property/Multiply by one-Digit Numbers (Chapter 2-lessons 7 & 9)
  • Multiply by two-digit numbers (Chapter 2- lesson 10)
  • Multiply two-digit by four-digit numbers
  • Multiply two-digit by five-digit numbers
  • Multiply four-digit numbers by three-digit numbers
  • Multiply 2 digits by (up to 5 digits) 
  • Multiply three-digits by three digits
  • Multiply decimals by whole numbers (Chapter 6- Lessons 2-3)
  • Mulitply decimals by decimals (Chapter 6- Lessons 4-5)

Unit 3 Assessment will be given on Wednesday, Oct. 17th.