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Feb. 11-15
Due Date: 2/16/2018
Subject: 5th Grade

Feb. 11-15

Reading/ Making Meaning



Mentor Text: 

Study weeks 20-23 vocabulary for test on Wednesday.

Being a Writer

 Opinion Writing

Students will use information from a blog, an interview, and a letter to the editor to form an opinion on the topic of using educational video games in school. This writing piece will be used as an assessment grade upon completion.


Using commas with introductory words and phrases



  1. particles
  2. apart
  3. department
  4. partly
  5. medicine
  6. microscope
  7. telephone
  8. photograph
  9. effortless
  10. immigrant
  11. conference
  12. universe
  13. computer
  14. layer
  15. quarter

Pretest on Monday. Regular test on Thursday.

 Social Studies


*the relationship of Native American and Europeans

*Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reading Comprehension assessment on The Cherokee Tribe will be given on Thursday, Jan. 31st.




Students have a username and password in their agenda for the science book online. The website also has videos, interactive investigations, vocabulary, and more! Please use this resource. It is excellent!


Module: Human Impact on the enviornment, natural resources, and conservation



Students will keep a science notebook with vocabulary terms and notes for each investigation completed in class. These notebooks should be reviewed nightly for upcoming assessments.



Students have a username and password in their agenda for the online MyMath book. The website contains practice activities, videos, tutorials, and more! Please use this website for review and reteaching the skills.



Unit 6:  Fractions test will be given on Thursday, Jan. 31st.



Students will be tested on multi-digit multiplication (our fifth grade fluency standard) each week. The fluency tests will be averaged as one grade at the end of the nine weeks.