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September 10-14
Due Date: 9/15/2018
Subject: Language Arts

September 10-14



$31 Student fee was due last Thursday. If you have not sent that in, please do so as soon as possible.

Please join the PTO. Send $5 to support them.

"Our Grand Event" will be held Monday, Sept. 10th 4:30-5:30. Students will show their grandparents around their classrooms, and take them on a scavenger hunt around the school. Grandparents will also enjoy a dessert and photos with their grandchild/grandchildren in our LES photobooth.

 Social Studies

Our focus this week as well as next week will be on Ponce De'Leon and the Fountain of Youth and the events of September 11th. Students will have an interview sheet for homework Monday. They will need to interview 2 people Monday night and bring the interview notes to class on Tuesday.


Reading/ Making Meaning



Mentor Text: 
Tuck Everlasting

Students will make text-to-self connections, analyze text structure including story elements, and will read independently.

Students will practice the procedure for gathering for "Think, Pair, Share." Students will work in a responsible way. They will listen respectfully to the thinking of others and share their own thinking.

Students will complete a comprehension test using the articles studied last week. 


Vocabulary words are in the "Forms" tab on the main page. Students have the words and definitions in their vocabulary notebooks as well. Weeks 9 and 10 are our current focus.


Being a Writer


Unit 3-Personal Narratives

Students will publish their writing from Unit 2 on Monday. We will begin Personal Narratives on Tuesday. 

Mentor Texts: Knots in My Yo-yo String: The Autobiography of a Kid by Jerry Spinelli

Students will learn how professional writers come up with ideas for writing. Students will come up with ideas from their lives that they can write about. They will focus on small, single events and use vivid, sensory details to describe them. 


Lesson 2: Compound Sentences

Students will identify and write compound sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation. Students will use a variety of coordinating conjuntions.




Week 5: Spelling tests will be given each Friday.



Mixtures and Solutions

Throughout the week, students will make and separate mixtures and solutions. They will keep information, notes, and investigation notes in their science notebooks.

That information should be studied nightly in preparation for assessments.

There will be a short comprehension test given on Wednesday covering Types of Matter.



  • Round Decimals
  • Add Decimals
  • Subract Decimals
  • Word Problems : Add/Subtract Decimals

Use place value understanding to round decimals to any place.

Add and subtract decimals to the hundredths, using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value, properites of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subraction, relate the strategy to a written method and explain the reasoning used.

Students have notes in their Math notebook.


Chapter 5-

Monday (Sept.10): Lessons 9-10- Subtracting Decimals

Tuesday (Sept. 11): Lessons 9-10 Subtracting Decimals

Wednesday (Sept. 12): Word Problems: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Thursday (Sept. 13): Math Review and Multi-digit Fact Fluency Test

Friday (Sept. 14): Unit 2 Assessment

Homework will be given nightly for independent practice.