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Assignments - Language Arts(Archived)
Week of April 9-13
Due Date: 4/13/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Our classes are busy learning how to determine main idea and supporting details.  After mastering that skill, we will be ready to summarize passages.  We are also writing opinion essays and persuasive essays. 

Weekly homework:

  Complete a vocabulary worksheet (both sides) by Wednesday.

  Study for spelling test on Week 27  (test Friday)  Words are printed below.

  Study for reading vocabulary test on Weeks 21-24.  Words are in Vocabulary journal and printed below.


Spelling Words:  awareness, wealthy, youthful, magically, ninetieth, fortieth, blindness, daily, feathery, dreamer, telescope, undated, heroes, experiment, instruments, nutritious, remote, criminal, courteous, allergic


Reading Vocabulary: drastic, master, injustice, supporter, momentous, dwelling, heartless, vivid, befuddled, disposition, cantankerous, preposterous, wide-eyed, vexed, trickle, dilapidated, lose your nerve, on pins and needles


Week of February 26- March 2
Due Date: 3/7/2018
Subject: Language Arts


Monday:  Crossword puzzle due Tuesday for Week 18; spelling test is Friday on Week 23

Tuesday:  No homework (Mrs. Mckinnon's class will take the Benchmark test Tuesday afternoon and my class needs to rest up to take it Wednesday morning)

Wednesday:  Read for 20 minutes.

Thursday:  Study for spelling test on week 23.  The words are as follows:

particles, apart, department, partly, medicine, microscope, telephone, photograph, effortless, immigrant, conference, universe, computer, layer, quarter

Week of February 20-23
Due Date: 2/25/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Week of February 20-23

We are studying nonfiction passages and determining pros and cons of controversial issues.

We are working on our research papers and typing the final product.

There will NOT be a spelling test this week.


Tuesday:  Complete a comprehension passage with questions on the back.  (Ernest Shackleton)

Wednesday:  Complete a pro/con sheet--due on Friday

There are no spelling words this week. 

Our vocabulary words are from Weeks 17, 18, and 19:

ethical, unethical, desirable, regulate, influence, consume, consumer, interact, academic, get on board, dependent, device, preteen, procedure, sequence, indicate, supreme, hair-raising, priority

Week of February 5-9
Due Date: 2/9/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We are very busy researching catastrophes for our research reports.  Please ask your child about the group topic to see what he/she has learned.

We will analyze articles by highlighting the pros and cons of an issue.


Spelling:  Words are listed below.  Week 22, page 122-123 in book. Test on Friday.

Grammar:  Students must memorize and spell correctly the principle parts of verbs.  (begin, began, begun)  There is a sheet in the grammar journal to study.  A pop quiz will be given on Wed, Thurs, or Friday.  This is like a math fluency test.  The student will continue to take tests until the words are memorized.

Vocabulary: Test on Weeks 13-16 Wednesday.  Here are the words that are listed in the vocabulary journal:    thoughtless, thoughtful, desert, motionless, reverie, fanciful, hunger, discourteous, prejudice, bundle, selfless, resilient,moist, contact, typical, calamity, mobile, wobbly, currently, vast, convert, reuse, efficient, inefficient

Spelling Words (WEEK 22)

manager, sailor, musician, engineer, superintendent, artistic, trainer, fashion, surrounded, properly, innocent, attendance, reporter, tear, mouse

Week of January 29- February 2
Due Date: 2/5/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Week of January 29 - February 2

Assignments:  Study Spelling Week 21 words for Friday's test  (see word list below)

Grammar:  (assigned Monday, due Wednesday)  Write 6 sentences using the Week 15 Vocabulary Words that are in the Vocabulary journal.  The words are as follows:  Moist, Typical, Contact, Calamity, Mobile, Wobbly.  The sentences should be written maturely and neatly on notebook paper.

Writing:  We are beginning our research papers.  Please read about your topic at home and become familiar with it.


Week of January 22- 26
Due Date: 1/26/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Well, well, we are back and trying to recuperate from the snowcation!

To complete last week's skills:  2 makeup tests on Tuesday, January 23

                                              (spelling week 19 and grammar Perfect Tense)

For information about those tests, see previous ASSIGNMENTS  tab.

Students have notes in their grammar journals about the perfect tense.


Spelling Week 20--test on Friday  Words are listed below.

Project:  Directions were sent home on Monday for students to watch a video about Hurricane Katrina.  Students should write 5-6 facts they learned from the video.  Additionally, students should write a paragraph telling their thoughts and feelings experienced during the video. Option:  Students may read an article about Hurricane Katrina and follow the same directions.  This project is due Thursday. 
(Facts should be written on notebook paper or typed.) 


Students should be reading nightly for at least 20 minutes.

Spelling Words:  WEEK 20

difference, distance, importance, experience, sentence, performance, balance, table of contents, whisper, garbage, sensible, peacefully,assistants,review, mirror, accidentally, content, servant, pleasant, present, disposable, improve, needle, remove, enormous,

convenience, allegiance, persistence, elsewhere, violence


Due Date: 1/21/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Please click on Announcements to see message. 

Spelling words are listed under Assignments, Week of January 8-12.

Week of January 8-12
Due Date: 1/12/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We are in full swing now after the holidays!

Skills:  inferencing, cause/effect;  changing the point of view in a fictional story;

           irregular verbs/perfect tense


A grammar test and spelling test will be given on Friday, January 12th.

The students were given a comprehension passage on Monday and should complete it by Wednesday.

Spelling words:  Week 19

            independent, servant, excellent, pleasant, silent, present, accidentally, content, disposable, needle, marriage, reasonable, enormous, remove, improve, tightly, easily, truly, curious, tremendous, reusable, situation, signal, calm, detective, proficient, pearl, opponent, reluctant, resident


The grammar test covers these skills:  irregular verbs and the perfect tense

Students have 2 pages of notes in their journals and a practice test.


Week of December 11-15
Due Date: 12/11/2017
Subject: Language Arts

It's our last week before Christmas break! 

The only Language Arts homework this week is to complete a comprehension sheet.  The sheet was passed out on Monday and it is due Wednesday.  Please, please keep your child reading over the holidays.

There is no spelling test this week.

Announcements:  Thursday is Compliment Party Day for Mrs. Pop's homeroom.  Students are allowed to wear hats/pajamas and chew gum!  On this day, we will culminate our novel study by watching the movie Hugo. We will have a discussion to compare/contrast the movie with the book.  Students are allowed to bring snacks and a drink.

Our Christmas party is at 12:00 on Friday.  School resumes January 4th.

Week of December 4-8
Due Date: 12/8/2017
Subject: Language Arts


Monday:  Read for 20 minutes.  (should be doing this every night!)

Tuesday:  Vocabulary sheet will be given out in class, due Friday

Wednesday:  Begin studying for vocabulary test (Hugo)

Thursday:  Study for vocabulary test tomorrow. (Hugo words)

The vocabulary words are agitated, cluster, scavenged, summon, instinctive, optimistic, disassemble, debris, accumulate, captivate, deftly, disheveled, feverishly, cascade

Week of November 27-December 1
Due Date: 12/1/2017
Subject: Language Arts

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holidays!  We are beginning a fantastic novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  Using this book as our mentor text, we will explore the skills of inferences, characterization, and main idea/details. We will also learn many important vocabulary words that can be used in everyday conversation and writing.  The words are posted below.

We are continuing to revise our fiction stories.  This week we are especially focusing on what the main character says, does, and thinks, as well as adding transition words.  Our mentor text will be The Summer My Father Was Ten.

Verbs will be the topic for grammar.  (action, helping, linking / tenses of verbs)

Spelling:  We are backing up to Week 11 on pages 60-61 of the student book.  We are ready for this lesson now that we have studied possessive nouns in grammar.  The words are listed below.  They may be a bit tricky.


DUE WEDNESDAY:  See page 60 of spelling book.  Students will write sentences with the first 8 spelling words, showing their understanding of possessive nouns.  The words are also listed below.  The spelling test will be on Friday.

ONGOING HOMEWORK:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read for 20 minutes nightly.

Spelling words from page 60:  giant's, giants', children's, its, sisters', sister's, it's , nurses', rather, defining, farther, replying, announce, character, stomach,seize, assignment, diagram, interfered, cauliflower


Vocabulary words from Hugo:  agitated, cluster, scavenged, summon, instinctive, optimistic, disassemble, debris, accumulate, captivate, deftly, disheveled, feverishly, cascade

Week of November 13-17
Due Date: 11/17/2017
Subject: Language Arts

We are reading and writing fiction this week.  Our mentor texts include The Sweetest Fig and Uncle Jed's Barbershop.  Students will be making inferences.  Students will also be writing fiction stories,  which will include working on making their characters come alive by including their actions, dialogue, and thoughts.


Spelling:  Week 17 words will be tested on Thursday of this week

Writing:  Students will be asked to write a fictional story with a surprise ending--due Wednesday.  The story should be about 3/4 to one page long.

Reading:  Students should read at least 20 minutes nightly.


October 30-November 3
Due Date: 11/8/2017
Subject: Language Arts

We had a great week finishing up Tuck Everlasting with pancakes and the movie.  We are completing Unit 4 activities (AKA time for a test!).  We will have a test-taking strategy session on Monday and complete an assessment on Tuesday, along with a haunted house for a little relief!

Homeework is as follows:

Monday:  Crossword puzzle for vocabulary review, due Tuesday

              Study for vocabulary test on Thursday.

Tuesday:  No homework

Wednesday:  Study for tomorrow's vocabulary test on Weeks 9-12 in journal

Thursday:  Study for spelling test on Friday, Week 15

Spelling words:  expensive, furniture, advantage, relatives, capturing, damaged, courage, tomorrow, camera, royal, husband's, prevention, equal, honey, turkey

October 23-27
Due Date: 10/27/2017
Subject: Language Arts

This week our class is completing Tuck Everlasting activities, as well as sharing our personal narratives.  We have a very exciting day planned for Wednesday:  We will be celebrating our book Tuck Everlasting by eating flapjacks, drinking "special" water, and watching the movie in order to compare/contrast the movie and book. Last week we painted pictures of descriptive scenes from the book.

The homework is as follows:

(Please note:  I do not assign much homework in hopes that students will read at least 20 minutes nightly.)

Assignments made on Monday:

Reading:  passage on lightning was handed out---due Friday

Language Arts:  study handout on Irregular Plurals---quiz on Wednesday

Spelling:  We are currently studying Week 14 words.  Test is Friday.

                  Here are the Week 14 words:  gentle, capital, metal, article, hospital, minerals, medical, muscles, extra, sleepiest, discount, yours, dictionary, double, camel

September 11-15
Due Date: 9/15/2017
Subject: Language Arts

We are continuing to learn about text features and how to use them when reading.  Students are publishing stories this week and adding their final touches.  We will continue to study sentences in grammar.  On Monday, we will have a discussion about September 11, 2001.


Monday:  A grammar sheet was passed out.  It is due on Wednesday.

               Spelling words were introduced.  The test will be on Friday.  Words are listed below.

               Students should read 15-20 minutes nightly.  This is VERY important.

This week's spelling words:  promise, buffalo, kitchen, immediately, magnet, opposite, succeed, cotton, depth, slept, shopping, bowl, advice, roll, value, twenty, extremely, details, conflict, low, shadow, wide, hidden, tank, steel, button, honesty, rocket, palm, elephant

Week of August 25 - September 1
Due Date: 9/1/2017
Subject: Language Arts


Reading ( Making Meaning):  A worksheet about weather is due Thursday.

Vocabulary:  We will have a test on Friday which covers words from weeks 1-4. Students have these words in their journals.  Additionally, they are listed below.

Spelling:  Study for Friday's test.  Week 3 words are on pages 14-15 in spelling book.

Also they are printed below.

Vocabulary words to be tested:  clamor, pandemonium, towering, memento, reassure, tattered, moocher, delectable, hospitable, cuisine, vary, international, lush, dim, clamber, lurk, pollute, nourish, surge, stamina, dissatisfied, discontinue, blow off steam, restriction


Spelling words for Week 3:  rays, goals, preflight, twice, airplane,meatless, cage, throw, unwrapped, o'clock, piece, paid, we'd, that'll, their, faith, beard, glow, throne, squeeze

Week of August 21-25
Due Date: 8/25/2017
Subject: Language Arts

This week's homework:  August 21-25

There will be a grammar quiz on Wednesday.  The skill is Complete Sentences, Subjects and Verbs, and Compound Sentences.  Students have notes for these skills in their Grammar journals. Students will need to identify subjects and verbs of sentences, differentiate between simple subjects and compound subjects, and write their own examples of compound sentences.

There will be a spelling test on Friday.  Week 2 words are as follows: 

trotting, skidded, swimmer, camping, muddy, printed, fixing, misled, thought, I'm, who's, they've, which, sure, whole, bushes, strength, flatten, jogging, trimming

Students have been given a comprehension sheet to complete by Friday.  A story is on the front and 8 questions are on the back.

Week of August 14-18
Due Date: 8/18/2017
Subject: Language Arts

This week our class is generating writing ideas by reading fairy tales and poetry.  We are also learning about first and third person point of view.


Students should bring in pictures for a project that will be completed in class.  Directions were sent home last week.  Pictures can be cut from magazines or printed from the internet.  Photographs may also be used.  We are making a poster to show our family traditions.  For example, if my family always gets together at Christmas, I may bring a picture of a Christmas tree, ornament, etc.  The pictures can represent symbols of the tradition.  (turkey could represent my family's Thanksgiving traditions).


Students should study for a spelling test on Friday.  The words are listed below.

It is highly suggested that students read nightly for at least 20 minutes.

There will be a grammar quiz on Wednesday, August 23rd. The skill is subjects and predicates (finding the subject and verb), along with compound sentences.  There are notes in the grammar folder.

Spelling Words:  trunk, skin, knock, nonfat, pledge, crops, switches, thrill, twelve, sense, know, halfway, something, you're, couldn't

Week of August 3-4
Due Date: 8/4/2017
Subject: Language Arts

Welcome, Patriots!  A new year, a new beginning--exciting times!

Parents, please read the Home Page that discusses our curriculum.

There is no homework this week.....some students have paperwork that needs to be signed and returned.  Thanks for taking care of this.