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Assignments - Language Arts(Archived)
Week of August 27th
Due Date: 8/27/2018
Subject: Language Arts


Monday:  Our family traditions project is due Tuesday.  Instructions were passed out on Monday, August 20th.

Tuesday:  Reading vocabulary crossword puzzle due Wednesday.

There is no additional homework this week OTHER THAN to study for the Week 3 Spelling test which will be on Friday.  (words listed below)

We will have a reading assessment this week; however, the only way to prepare for it is to READ, READ, READ!!

Spelling Words Week 3:  rays, goals, preflight, twice, airplane, meatless, cage, throw, unwrapped, o'clock, piece, paid, we'd, that'll, their, faith, beard, glow, throne, squeeze

Week of August 21-24
Due Date: 8/20/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Spelling words for Friday's test:  trotting, skidded, swimmer, camping, muddy,

printed, fixing, misled, thought, I'm, who's, they've, which, sure, whole, bushes, strength, flatten, jogging, trimming

Vocabulary words:  moocher, delectable, hospitable, cuisine, vary, international

      (voc. test is 2 weeks away)

Reading comprehension sheet was sent home on Monday and is due Wednesday.

 A project was assigned on Monday about family culture/traditions.  Directions were given orally and in printed form.  A sample was shown.  The project is due Tuesday, August 28th.

What's Going on in Class This Week
Due Date: 8/13/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We had a great first week of Fifth Grade.  Thank you to all students and parents for your hard work in those first few days of school.

Reading:   compare/contrast fictional stories

Grammar:  prepositions

Writing: generating ideas, author study on Jon Sciezcka, poetry

Spelling:  Week 1 words- short vowels

Social Studies:  different cultures-Vietnam



Reading comprehension sheet "Products" due Wednesday

Preposition Quiz on Thursday--study notes in Grammar notebook

Spelling:  test on Week 1 (list was passed out on Monday) Words are listed below.


Please read for at least 20 minutes nightly. This practice will greatly enhance your reading performance!

 Week One Spelling Words:  trunk, skin, knock, nonfat, pledge, crops, switches, thrill, twelve, sense, know, halfway, something, you're, couldn't


Vocabulary Words:  clamor, pandemonium, towering, memento, reassure, tattered