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Week of October 1-5
Due Date: 10/5/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills:  Students will revise and edit their personal narratives.

           Students will differentiate between dependent/independent clauses.

           Students will write complex sentences.

           Students will determine how the setting of a novel affects the mood/tone.

           Students will compare/contrast characters in a novel.

We will finish our novel TUCK EVERLASTING.  To culminate this unit of study, we will do 3 activities:  paint pictures of settings from Tuck Everlasting and eat "flapjacks" like the Tucks did. We will also watch the movie.  These activities will be on Thursday and Friday.  Students are encouraged to wear/bring an old t-shirt for painting on Thursday.

Assignments:  These assignments will be made on Monday.

No spelling words will be covered this week.  No spelling test on Friday.

Vocabulary test on Tuesday, Weeks 8,9,10, and 11. Words are printed below.

Reading passage and questions "Pytheus" due Wednesday

Read for 20 minutes nightly.


Vocabulary words:  exert, rustle, dab, heave, clank, budge, tranquil, contemplate, meager, grimace, stroll, battered, contented, uneasy, soothe, envious, emerge, reliable, scour, helter-skelter, loll, luxurious, thrust, hunch