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December 10-14
Due Date: 12/14/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We have another busy week! 

Skills:  compare/contrast characters, determine figurative language, make inferences,

           write opinion essays, form plural possessive words


On Monday, students will need to complete a vocabulary worksheet in order to prepare them for Wednesday's test.

There will be no spelling test this week.  We will have a major reading assessment on Monday; however, this is not a test that students can study for in advance.

On Tuesday, students will be given a comprehension worksheet that will be due on Friday.

October 22-26
Due Date: 10/26/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills:  I can determine cause/effect in expository nonfiction.

           I can write an opinion essay.

           I can identify and write appositives.


Monday- Passage was given about night owls...due Wednesday

             Spelling words were passed out (listed below)   Test is Friday.

Wednesday-Thursday   Read for 20 minutes.

Spelling words: protection, division, operation, expression, permission,suggestion, motionless, instructions, degrees, furry, hungrier, background,earn, daughter, possessions, protein, sword, destruction, expedition

Week of October 1-5
Due Date: 10/5/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills:  Students will revise and edit their personal narratives.

           Students will differentiate between dependent/independent clauses.

           Students will write complex sentences.

           Students will determine how the setting of a novel affects the mood/tone.

           Students will compare/contrast characters in a novel.

We will finish our novel TUCK EVERLASTING.  To culminate this unit of study, we will do 3 activities:  paint pictures of settings from Tuck Everlasting and eat "flapjacks" like the Tucks did. We will also watch the movie.  These activities will be on Thursday and Friday.  Students are encouraged to wear/bring an old t-shirt for painting on Thursday.

Assignments:  These assignments will be made on Monday.

No spelling words will be covered this week.  No spelling test on Friday.

Vocabulary test on Tuesday, Weeks 8,9,10, and 11. Words are printed below.

Reading passage and questions "Pytheus" due Wednesday

Read for 20 minutes nightly.


Vocabulary words:  exert, rustle, dab, heave, clank, budge, tranquil, contemplate, meager, grimace, stroll, battered, contented, uneasy, soothe, envious, emerge, reliable, scour, helter-skelter, loll, luxurious, thrust, hunch

Week of September 24-28
Due Date: 9/25/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills: Compare/contrast characters and setting in a novel.

          Write a personal narrative with effective opening/closing sentences and vivid description.

          Write complex sentences.

Assignments made on Monday:

Read passage "The Fountain of Youth."  Write 3 facts you learned and be prepared to discuss the article

                                                           in class.  It is due Wednesday.

Grammar worksheet on sentences---due Tuesday

Spelling test Week 8 is Friday.

Read nightly for 20 minutes.


Week of September 17-21
Due Date: 9/17/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills for the week:  compare/contrast setting and characters

                              write personal narratives

                              write and punctuate compound sentences

Assignments made on Monday:

Reading:  Write a 1/2 page essay answering the question--Should Winnie drink the water?

               This assignment is due Wednesday.

Grammar:  Study for Tuesday's test on compound sentences/subjects/verbs.

                 Students may study their workbooks pages 1-6 and page 92.  They also may refer to a 2 sided

                 worksheet we did in class last Friday.  STUDENTS SHOULD COMPLETE A SHORT GRAMMAR

                  REVIEW SHEET due Tuesday.  We will check the answers together before taking the test.

Spelling:  Test will be Thursday on Week 7 words:  meanwhile, holiday, excused, amazing, confusing,

             requiring, smoky, preparing, trader, broken, wisest, supposed to, refusing, topic, swimming,

             upstairs, attach, palace, glance, fence

Week of September 4th
Due Date: 9/4/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills:  main idea, writing a narrative with descriptive details, multisyllabic words

Homework: Students were given the following assignments on Monday:

Reading: Interview sheet about September 11th is due Monday, September 10th

Vocabulary:  Test on Weeks 1, 2, and 4 will be Thursday. (words printed below)

Spelling:  Test for Week 5 words (below) is Friday.


Vocabulary Words for test:  surge, stamina, dissatisfied, discontinue, blow off steam, restriction, clamor, cuisine, delectable, hospitable, international, memento, moocher, pandemonium, reassure, towering, vary


Spelling words:  intend, conflict, twenty, details, shadow, extremely, deal, low, reach, laid, tank, hidden, steel, wide, broad,acre, ruin, countryside, museum, poetry


Week of August 27th
Due Date: 8/27/2018
Subject: Language Arts


Monday:  Our family traditions project is due Tuesday.  Instructions were passed out on Monday, August 20th.

Tuesday:  Reading vocabulary crossword puzzle due Wednesday.

There is no additional homework this week OTHER THAN to study for the Week 3 Spelling test which will be on Friday.  (words listed below)

We will have a reading assessment this week; however, the only way to prepare for it is to READ, READ, READ!!

Spelling Words Week 3:  rays, goals, preflight, twice, airplane, meatless, cage, throw, unwrapped, o'clock, piece, paid, we'd, that'll, their, faith, beard, glow, throne, squeeze

Week of August 21-24
Due Date: 8/20/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Spelling words for Friday's test:  trotting, skidded, swimmer, camping, muddy,

printed, fixing, misled, thought, I'm, who's, they've, which, sure, whole, bushes, strength, flatten, jogging, trimming

Vocabulary words:  moocher, delectable, hospitable, cuisine, vary, international

      (voc. test is 2 weeks away)

Reading comprehension sheet was sent home on Monday and is due Wednesday.

 A project was assigned on Monday about family culture/traditions.  Directions were given orally and in printed form.  A sample was shown.  The project is due Tuesday, August 28th.

What's Going on in Class This Week
Due Date: 8/13/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We had a great first week of Fifth Grade.  Thank you to all students and parents for your hard work in those first few days of school.

Reading:   compare/contrast fictional stories

Grammar:  prepositions

Writing: generating ideas, author study on Jon Sciezcka, poetry

Spelling:  Week 1 words- short vowels

Social Studies:  different cultures-Vietnam



Reading comprehension sheet "Products" due Wednesday

Preposition Quiz on Thursday--study notes in Grammar notebook

Spelling:  test on Week 1 (list was passed out on Monday) Words are listed below.


Please read for at least 20 minutes nightly. This practice will greatly enhance your reading performance!

 Week One Spelling Words:  trunk, skin, knock, nonfat, pledge, crops, switches, thrill, twelve, sense, know, halfway, something, you're, couldn't


Vocabulary Words:  clamor, pandemonium, towering, memento, reassure, tattered