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Week of September 17-21
Due Date: 9/17/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills for the week:  compare/contrast setting and characters

                              write personal narratives

                              write and punctuate compound sentences

Assignments made on Monday:

Reading:  Write a 1/2 page essay answering the question--Should Winnie drink the water?

               This assignment is due Wednesday.

Grammar:  Study for Tuesday's test on compound sentences/subjects/verbs.

                 Students may study their workbooks pages 1-6 and page 92.  They also may refer to a 2 sided

                 worksheet we did in class last Friday.  STUDENTS SHOULD COMPLETE A SHORT GRAMMAR

                  REVIEW SHEET due Tuesday.  We will check the answers together before taking the test.

Spelling:  Test will be Thursday on Week 7 words:  meanwhile, holiday, excused, amazing, confusing,

             requiring, smoky, preparing, trader, broken, wisest, supposed to, refusing, topic, swimming,

             upstairs, attach, palace, glance, fence

Week of September 4th
Due Date: 9/4/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Skills:  main idea, writing a narrative with descriptive details, multisyllabic words

Homework: Students were given the following assignments on Monday:

Reading: Interview sheet about September 11th is due Monday, September 10th

Vocabulary:  Test on Weeks 1, 2, and 4 will be Thursday. (words printed below)

Spelling:  Test for Week 5 words (below) is Friday.


Vocabulary Words for test:  surge, stamina, dissatisfied, discontinue, blow off steam, restriction, clamor, cuisine, delectable, hospitable, international, memento, moocher, pandemonium, reassure, towering, vary


Spelling words:  intend, conflict, twenty, details, shadow, extremely, deal, low, reach, laid, tank, hidden, steel, wide, broad,acre, ruin, countryside, museum, poetry