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Due Date: 1/26/2018
Subject: Language Arts

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Spelling words are listed under Assignments, Week of January 8-12.

Week of January 8-12
Due Date: 1/12/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We are in full swing now after the holidays!

Skills:  inferencing, cause/effect;  changing the point of view in a fictional story;

           irregular verbs/perfect tense


A grammar test and spelling test will be given on Friday, January 12th.

The students were given a comprehension passage on Monday and should complete it by Wednesday.

Spelling words:  Week 19

            independent, servant, excellent, pleasant, silent, present, accidentally, content, disposable, needle, marriage, reasonable, enormous, remove, improve, tightly, easily, truly, curious, tremendous, reusable, situation, signal, calm, detective, proficient, pearl, opponent, reluctant, resident


The grammar test covers these skills:  irregular verbs and the perfect tense

Students have 2 pages of notes in their journals and a practice test.