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Due Date: 1/31/2019
Subject: Science

 Updated 1/4/19

We will be learning about WEATHER. We have a new science curriculum and will be using FOSS science systems this year. Our  investigation will include tyoes of soils, erosion, and how we affect our landforms and environments around us.


 We will be using online resources that will be listed here. and are 2 sites we will utilize. 

 SCIENCE Water Cycle/Weather TEST  TBA




We watch several instructional videos from and as well as This requires listening skills as well as provides students an interesting video on topics we are learning about. Feel free to have your child watch videos on these sites. We often take quizzes on the videos after we have viewed and discussed them several times.








Most of the grades your child receive in Science will depend on him/her reading and answering questions about a passage or material that we have covered in class as well as a few projects.