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Homework for the week(Archived)
Math Homework for the Week
Due Date: 12/7/2018
Subject: 4th Grade




All pages are in the student math book

Monday: none - Unit 5 assessment

Tuesday: pages 877-878 #1-11                                            

Wednesday: pages 883-884 #1-8

Thursday: pages 891-892 #1-10

Friday: :)





English/Language Arts
Due Date: 12/7/2018
Subject: 4th Grade




*Study spelling and vocabulary words each night & read for 30 minutes. NO SPELLING WORDS THIS WEEK OR NEXT WEEK

Monday - Making Inferences worksheet

Tuesday - Write a complex sentence with each vocabulary word.

Wednesday - Vocabulary Review packet

Thursday - Reading passage/questions handout

Friday - Vocabulary Test


Vocabulary Week 15

1. rugged – tough and strong; having a rough, uneven surface; harsh or difficult


2. conceal- hide


3. amiable – friendly and pleasant


4. dubious – uncertain; unsure; doubtful


5. sandwiched – squeezed in between two people or things


6. blurt out – to say something suddenly or without thinking

Vocabulary Week 16


1. glum – unhappy; gloomy; miserable; can also feel glum when you are disappointed or hear sad or upsetting news




2. gleeful- very happy; delighted; joyous; full of joy




3. fume – to be very angry or irritated




*sometimes people who are fuming behave in ways to show that they are angry or irritated. For example, they may ball up or shake their fists, stomp their feet, become red in the face,or say things in an angry voice.


4. imprudent – unwise or careless; not making good judgment or thinking carefully before doing things




5. prudent – wise or careful; using good judgement or thinking carefully before doing things




6. reduce– destroy or break down completely; make less, fewer, or smaller


















Due Date: 12/7/2018
Subject: 4th Grade

Monday-ThursdayStudy the study guide for Science Test on Energy!  Review flashcards, too!

  • Use the study guide to make flash cards (19 flash cards) - These will be checked on Thursday - completion = 100%/A 
  • Test has been changed from Wednesday, December 5 to Friday December 7