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Math Homework for the Week
Due Date: 1/18/2019
Subject: 4th Grade




All pages are in the student math book

Monday: pages 495-496 odd only

Tuesday: pages 503-504 (#1-10)                                          

Wednesday: pages 509-510 even only

Thursday: 515-516 (#1-12) - Check My Progress Quiz on factors/multiples and prime/composite

Friday: :)





English/Language Arts
Due Date: 1/18/2019
Subject: 4th Grade




*Study spelling and vocabulary words each night & read for 30 minutes.

Read the article "Do you Want to be a Martian?" each night, and answer the questions for each day - Monday-Thursday

Monday - Monday Questions

Tuesday - Tuesday Questions

Wednesday - Wednesday Questions and Vocabulary Review Handout

Thursday - Thursday Questions - study for vocabulary test

Friday - Vocabulary Test


Vocabulary Week 18

1. circumstances - facts or events that affect or explain a situation

2. elated - extremely happy and excited; overwhelmed with joy (antonym of dejected)

3. dejected - sad and discouraged or in low spirits (antonym of elated)

4. pessimistic - expecting the worst to happen; a pessimistic person thinks that things will turn out badly (antonym of optimistic)

5. optimistic - expecting the best to happen; an optimistic person believes that things will turn out well (antonym of pessimistic)

6. ambition - a strong desire to do or achieve something


Vocabulary Words - Week 17


1. loathe - to hate or strongly dislike


2. labor - to work hard (physically or mentally)


3. crave - to want badly, long for, or desire very much


4. lend a hand (idiom) - to help or assist


5. permanent - lasting or meant to last a very long time or forever (antonym of temporary)


6. temporary - lasting or meant to last only a short time; impermanent (antonym of permanent)


Spelling Words

1. two

2. too

3. to

4. their

5. there

6. they’re

7. its

8. it’s

9. your

10. you’re


















Due Date: 1/18/2018
Subject: 4th Grade

Wednesday-TuesdayStudy the study guide for Science Test on Weather  Review flashcards, too!

  • Use the study guide to make flash cards - These will be checked on Thursday - completion = 100%/A 
  • Test will be Wednesday January 23