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September 24-28, 2018
Due Date: 9/24/2018
Subject: Math

Unit 3:  Multiply Whole Numbers and Decimals

Assessment Date:  TBA

Students will keep notes and examples of class work in their math notebook.

Students will be tested on basic multiplcation fact fluency each Wednesday.  The fluency tests will be averaged as one grade at the end of the nine weeks.

September 24-28, 2018

Monday:  Use the Distributive Property to multiply mentally.

Tuesday:  Multiply up to a five-digit number by a two- or three-digit number.

Wednesday: Check My Progress (Exponents and Multiplication Patterns) and Fact Fluency Timed Test

Thursday:  Multiply decimals by whole numbers.

Friday:  Multiply decimals by decimals.


Monday:  Unit 3 Homework Sheet (#1-10)

Tuesday:  Unit 3 Homework Sheet (#11-20)

Wednesday:  Multiplication Worksheet (#1-6)

Thursday:  Multiplication Worksheet (#7-12)

 IXL Skills to Practice at Home

Unit 1-Place Value:

  • 5A1 Convert between standard and expanded form
  • 5A2 Place value
  • 5G4 Place value in decimal numbers
  • 5G1 What decimal is illustrated?
  • 5G5 Convert decimals between standard and expanded form.
  • 5G16 Convert decimals between standard and expanded form using fractions.
  • 5G9 Compare decimals on number lines.

Unit 2-Add and Subtract Decimals:

  • 5G7 Round decimals
  • 5H8 Estimate sums and differences of decimals
  • 5H4 Add and subtract decimals: word problems

Unit 3-Multiply Whole Numbers and Decimals:

  • 5C12  Multiply by 2-digit numbers: complete the missing steps
  • 5C13  Multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers
  • 5C14  Multiply 2-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers
  • 5C15  Multiply 2-digit numbers by larger numbers
  • 5C16  Multiply by 2-digit numbers: word problems
  • 5C17  Multiply three or more numbers up to 2 digits each
  • 5C18  Multiply by 3-digit numbers
  • 5C19  Multiply three numbers up to 3 digits each
  • 5C20  Multiply three or more numbers: word problems




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September 24-28, 2018
Due Date: 9/17/2018
Subject: Science

Module: Mixtures and Solutions

Investigation 2: Developing Models

Investigation 3:  Concentrations

Investigation 3 iCheck: TBA

Students will keep a science notebook with vocabulary terms and notes for each investigation completed in class. These notebooks should be reviewed nightly for upcoming assessments.

Focus Questions:

What is the difference between dissolving and melting?

Are all solutions made with soft-drink powder and water the same?

How can you determine which salt solution is more concentrated?

How can you determine the relative concentrations of three mystery solutions?

What is the relationship between salt-solution concentration and density?

 September 24-28, 2018

Monday-Tuesday:  Dissolving and Melting

Wednesday-Thursday:  Soft-Drink Recipes

Friday:  Salt Concentration


Review science notes and vocabulary nightly for upcoming assessments.