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Sept. 18-22 - LES BOOK FAIR



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Red Graded Papers will come home every MONDAY unless otherwise noted.  

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*Please use the school form for your child’s absences.  You can print this directly off the school website.  Please limit absences and check-outs as much as possible…attendance is important!  And remember our PATRIOT PERFECT ATTENDANCE monthly incentives! We highly encourage attendance, but we know occasionally absences occur for various reasons.  Please send a note for every day your child misses school including check outs.  If your child visited the doctor, it is always best to have a doctor's note.  Sending a note could keep you off of the truant list.  Details are always available in your child's agenda in the handbook section. 


*If you have not signed up for parent portal, I strongly encourage you to do so.  Check with the front office to receive your login information.  Grades are posted as soon as I have them graded, so this way you will know immediately what is happening with your child and his/her grades.


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Respecting ourselves & others

Please stress the importance of this with your child at home.  



Weekly Objectives

Sept. 18-22

*Tuesday, Sept. 19 = Map Skills Vocab Quiz (SS)

*Friday, Sept. 22 = Spelling/Grammar Quiz



Guided Spelling

1. compete 2. between  3. reason  4. probably 5. separate


6. whether 7. weather   8. first       9. hurt     10. America

*Quiz over these 10 words will be this Friday, Sept. 22. Spelling quizzes will be every other Friday over 10 words (on same days as grammar quizzes).


Vocabulary: Making Meaning

1. nosing around – snooping or searching in a sneaky way

2. edible – safe to eat

3. inedible – not edible, or not safe to eat

4. consistent – always the same

5. inconsistent – not consistent, or not always the same

6. consistently – in a consistent way, or in a way that is always the same

7. keen - sharp, quick, or alert (synonym to sensitive)

8. ideal - perfect; something that is the best it can be

9. flee - run away from danger (note that this is different from a flea that would get on your dog)

10. resemble - look or be like something or someone else

11. blotch - spot or stain

12. lethal - deadly or able to kill


Quiz over these 12 words will be next Thursday, Sept. 29.  Vocabulary quizzes will be every other week over the 12 words from the past two weeks (6 words per week).


Mentor Sentences/Grammar

Focus Skill: dialogue

Other Skills:    


*Quiz over the focus skill will be this Friday, Sept 22. Grammar quizzes will be every other Friday over specific focus skills and review skills (same days as spelling quizzes).


Reading: Making Meaning

The Making Meaning program is a reading comprehension curriculum that is the first of its kind to combine research-based best practices in reading comprehension with support for fostering your child's growth as caring, collaborative, and principled people.


Unit 2: Questioning: Expository Nonfiction 

Week 2 Mentor Texts - Animal Senses

Comprehension Focus

*use questioning to help them make sense of text

*use schema to articulate all they think they know about a topic before they read

*read independently

Social Development Focus

*develop the skill of explaining their thinking



Writing: Being a Writer

The Being a Writer program provides a writing-process approach to teaching writing that interweaves academic and social-emotional learning into daily instruction. Using authentic children’s literature, the program provides support for creating a Collaborative Classroom environment where teachers facilitate student discussion, provide a model for the respectful exchange of ideas, and help students develop their own voice.


Unit 3: Personal Narrative

 Week 1 Mentor Texts - Childtimes: A Three-Generation Memoir; The Moon & I

Writing Focus

*hear and discuss personal narratives

*learn about a professional author's writing practice

*generate writing ideas from their own lives

*visualize sensory details

*draft personal narratives, focusing on single, interesting events or topics from their own lives


Social Development Focus

*build the writing community

*listen respectfully to the thinking of others and share their own

*express interest in and appreciation for one another's writing


Social Studies 

Social Studies will be integrated through language arts lessons.  Grades will be taken throughout the quarter.

*Students have a study guide with vocabulary words and a compass rose (cardinal and intermediate directions).  Please be studying these. SS Vocab Quiz will be Tuesday, September 19. The quiz will NOT have pictures.  Those were just to help the students comprehend the word before learning the definitions.  Send me a remind if you do not see this study guide in their folder, and I will send another one home!  

*This week, we will learn about map scales, latitude, and longitude.