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The Lewisburg Elementary Counseling Department offers a variety of services for students. Classroom Guidance, small group counseling and individual counseling are provided. Referrals for students and families to various community agencies for assistance are made as needed. It is my goal to do my best to help meet the needs of our students so that they are able to excel in the classroom and in life!

We also have positive behavior programs. These include The Counselor's Lunch Bunch and the Student Ambassador Program. Students are selected for these programs based on character traits that they exhibit.



Classroom Guidance

Classroom guidance activities are offered each month based on our monthly themed character traits.

August- Good Judgement- Choosing worthy goals and setting proper priorities

September-Respect- Respecting ourselves and others

October- Responsibility and Honesty -Decision Making Skills/Making Good Choices

November-Kindness-An attitude of gratitude and compassion

December-Caring & Generosity-Building a caring community

January- Perseverance and a Positive Attitude - You can succeed

February-Fairness and Cooperation -The art of friendship

March-Courage and Confidence - Overcoming obstacles

April-Citizenship & Patriotism- Appreciating our nation

May-Integrity & Self-Discipline- Doing your best in all situations

Other Classroom Guidance activities include:

* Anger Management
* Bullying Prevention
* Career Awareness and the World of Work
* Conflict Management
* Cooperation
* Drug and Alcohol Prevention
* Embracing Differences
* Safety
* Understanding Emotions
* Study Skills



Individual and Small Group Counseling

Some areas of counseling include:
Academic Indifference

Academic Development

Emotional Difficulties

Behavior Modification

Low Self-esteem

Divorce/Changing Family Reaction

Setting Goals

Organizational Skills

Adjustment Issues

Please contact Mrs. Dennie if you feel your child could benefit from individual or small group counseling services.