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What`s Going On in Math, Science, and Health 

Math: Chapter 2- Add and Subtract Whole Numbers

Students will:

*use addition properties and subtraction rules to add and subtract

*use patterns to solve addition and subtraction problems

*use mental math to add and subtract

*estimate sums and differences of multi-digit numbers

*add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers

*solve multi-step word problems using addition and subtraction


At the beginning of each chapter, students will receive a family letter that will give you an overview of the chapter concepts and various strategies that will be used in class. 


Please continue to practice basic addition and multiplication facts. Students who can recall from memory basic addition facts are much more successful. Helping your child memorize these facts, rather than counting on fingers, will be most beneficial. Also, fourth graders are expected to have basic multiplication facts committed to memory.  We will let you know when weekly Timed Fluency tests will begin, but it is never too early to commit these facts to memory for instant recall.



Science:  The Human Body  

In Science we will begin the year exploring the Human Body. We will spend time learning basic concepts about body systems and how they work together.