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Math: Chapter 6- Divide by a One-Digit Number

Students will:

     *divide multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000 using basic facts and patterns

     *estimate quotients using basic facts, place value, and compatible numbers

     *explore division using models and place value

     *solve problems by making a model

     *divide with remainders and check using multiplication and addition

     *interpret what the remainder means in the context of a division problem

     *determine where to place the first digit when dividing

     *use distributive property and partial quotients to divide

     *solve division problems with greater numbers

     *solve division problems that result in quotients that have zeros

     *solve multi-step word problems using more than one operation


At the beginning of each chapter, students will receive a family letter that will give you an overview of the chapter concepts and various strategies that will be used in class. 


Please practice multiplication facts. Students who can recall from memory basic addition facts are much more successful. Helping your child memorize these facts, rather than counting on fingers, will be most beneficial. Also, fourth graders are expected to have basic multiplication facts committed to memory.  


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