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Weekly Objectives 

Week of December 10-14




Mentor Text:  We will continue our book study on Hugo this week.

Comprehension focus: *Students will infer by looking at pictures in Hugo. *Students will tell the theme of the story they are reading *Review point of view in the story 

*Explore author's opinion

*read independently 


 Social Development: 

-Teachers and students build the reading community.

-Students learn and practice the procedure for gathering for "Think, Pair, Share."

-Students work in a responsible way.

-Students listen respectfully to the thinking of others and share their own. ELA Review Skills

Rs, Ss, Ts, Us, and Vs



***Test will be this Thursday.

Hugo Words

1. agitated-to disturb, excite, or anger someone

2. cluster-a group of things or people that are close together

3. scavenged-to search through waste, junk, etc. for something that can be saved or used

4. summon- to ask for something; to send or call

5. instinctive-that which happens naturally

Week 15

moist- damp or slighty wet

contact- you touch something or communicate or get in touch with someone

typical-its like others of its type

calamity-terrible disaster

mobile-able to move or be moved

wobbly-it moves unsteadily

Week 18

interact-talk or work with people

academic-having to do with school

get on board-accept or go along with something

dependent- relying on or needing someone or something for help or support

device- tool, machine, or piece of equipment that does a particular job

preteen- Is a "boy or girl before he or she becomes a teenager." A preteen is between the ages of 8 and 12


 Week 7

devour-eat something quickly and angrily

dignified-confident, calm, and in control

thunderous-making a loud rumbling noise

scarce-difficulty to get or find

blunt-not sharp or pointy


widespread-scattered or happening over a large area

Week 6

stun- unable to think clearly

solitary- living or being alone

sociable- friendly or liking to be around others

extend- lengthen or stretch out

also can mean offer or give

advantage-something that is helpful or useful

disadvantage- something that causes a problem



****Your child's vocabulary words will be located in their vocabulary journals each week.

 Please post the list in your home where everyone can see it and look for ways to include the words in conversation with your child. 

Try some of these activities: **Talk about the words when you hear them used or see them in storybooks, signs, or posters.  **Make games with them such as: memory, the guess game-which is where you give clues about the word and then try an guess the word. 

**Also have your child make stories in which they use these words or have them create picture cards that illustrate the words.

 ***six words will be given every week related to our read aloud. Students will be tested every four week.




Writing Workshop: 

Writing Focus:  Opinion Writing

Mentor text: read and respond to articles using text evidence




 Social Development Focus: -Teacher and students build the writing community. -Students learn procedures for "Think, Pair, Share." -Students express interest and appreciation for one another's writing.



Grammar Focus:  Plurals

Students will learn different noun rules. They will be able to use them in day to day writing.   They also will use their grammar workbooks to study these skills. 

IXL: Simple subject and predicates/compound sentences/AA3,AA8, AA10

Complex sentences-AA7, AA9

Combining Sentences-DD3

Review skills: E 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, F 1-4, 




Guided Spelling Focus: NO SPELLING THIS WEEK!!

 ***Starting this week students will have an opportunity to take a pretest  Monday. If they make a 100, they will not have to do their homework for that week nor the test on Friday.


***Students have these words in their agendas


~2 application words will be added to Friday's quiz.  Students will not be given these ahead of time.  These words will be used to see if students can apply the weekly spelling strategies learned. 3 review words from the previous week will also be included. 20 words plus 1 challenge word total will be on quiz.