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Weekly Objectives 

Week of April 30-May4th




Mentor Text:

 The Bull Run

 We will be reviewing, text structure, figurative language, text features, and summarizing


  Vocabulary Words:  

***Remember to get them go to the forms



 Please post the list in your home where everyone can see it and look for ways to include the words in conversation with your child. 

Try some of these activities: **Talk about the words when you hear them used or see them in storybooks, signs, or posters.  **Make games with them such as: memory, the guess game-which is where you give clues about the word and then try an guess the word. 

**Also have your child make stories in which they use these words or have them create picture cards that illustrate the words.

 ***six words will be given every week related to our read aloud. Students will be tested every four week.




Writing Workshop: 

Writing Focus: We will be reviewing the different types of writing. We will focus a lot on free writing.

Mentor text:


Focus Skills: Opinion, informative, and narrative writing.




 Social Development Focus: Students learn and practice the procedure for group brainstorming

Students work in a responsible way.

Students develop the skill of including everyone in and contributing to group work.

Students develop the skill of including everyone in and contributing to group work

Students develop the skill of using prompts to extend conversation.



Grammar Focus: Informal/Formal Writing 


Guided Spelling Focus:  More words with suffixes


Weekly Words:  week 27


Spelling words: awareness, wealthy, youthful, magically, ninetieth, fortieth, blindness, daily, feathery, dreamer, telescope, undated, heroes, experiment, instruments



***Students have these words in their spelling workbooks and their agendas


~2 application words will be added to Friday's quiz.  Students will not be given these ahead of time.  These words will be used to see if students can apply the weekly spelling strategies learned. 3 review words from the previous week will also be included. 20 words plus 1 challenge word total will be on quiz.




~ Civil War