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Class Schedule  

Our Class Schedule

7:05- students enter classroom and sign in.

Students will then go to their assigned group for the morning.

At 7:25 the students return to their classroom.

7:25-7:40- Morning Meeting and housekeeping (check folders, reciept money, take care of transportation and lunch etc..

7:40- morning announcements

7:45- bathroom break

7:55- begin class

9:00- 9:25- recess

9:25-9:45- snack time(please send a snack daily and water with a screw top to prevent spills) and independent daily reading

9:45-10:55- Instructional Time

11:00-11:50- Activity

12:00-12:30- Lunch

12:30- bathroom break

12:35- Instructional time

2:35- Dismissal (3rd grade car riders go to the front of the building, even if they have older siblings.) After school YMCA will go to the library. Day Care will dismiss down the red hall.


Activity Schedule

Monday-PE (Wear tennis shoes)

Tuesday- ART

Wednesday- LIBRARY


Friday- MUSIC