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Language Arts and Social Studies  

Reading Workshop


Unit 6: Making Inferences
During this unit, the students will make inferences to understand characters and continue to use text structure to explore narrative text.  


Grammar focus skill: homophones




                            loathe, labor, crave, lend a hand, permanent, temporary
                        circumstances, elated, dejected, pessimistic, optimistic, ambition


 **We work with our vocabulary words daily through a variety of activities.  Students are assessed every 2 weeks. 


Spelling:  quiz: Jan. 26 (10 words)

two, too, to, their, there, they're, its, it's, your, you're






Writing Workshop:


Genre, Opinion Writing

During this three-week unit, the students read and write persuasive essays defending particular opinions as they explore elements of opinion writing.  


Week 6: Mentor Texts - Bugs Are Creepy, Insects Are Amazing, Helping Other Countries, Bike Helmets


Writing Focus

  • students hear and discuss persuasive essays
  • students identify the purpose and audience for persuasive essays
  • students state opinions and use reasons to support them
  • students explore transitional words and phrases
  • students explore strong openings and conclusions for persuasive essays
  • students confer about their persuasive essays
  • students revise, proofread and publish their persuasive essays





We are studying, learning anW reading about famous African Americans including Harriet Tubman, Henry Box Brown and Rosa Parks.

Math and Science  


Math-Chapter 8

 Students will...

-use factors and multiples

-identify prime and composite numbers

-find equivalent fractions

-find simplest form of a fraction

-compare and order fractions

-use benchmark fractions to compare and order

-identify mixed numbers

-write mixed numbers and improper fractions


 Reminder: your child can access IXL.com or the website that accompanies the book www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com/school.k7b4 

The student password is taped on the inside of their Langdon folder.



Students will:

Demonstrate an understanding of how the water cycle is propelled by the sun's energy.

Demonstrate an understanding of weather and climate patterns.