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Language Arts and Social Studies  

Reading Workshop


Unit 6: Making Inferences-fiction, expository, nonfiction, and narrative nonfiction

During this unit, the students make inferences to understand characters, and continue to use text structure to explore narrative text.  They make inferences to help them understand why something happens or what causes an event to happen as it does in nonfiction.

Grammar focus skill: Order of Adjectives


VOCABULARY:  QUIZ 1/18/19  *12 words

circumstances, elated, dejected, pessimistic, optimistic, ambition

rove, inadequate, adequate, scrutinize, ineligible, eligible



 **We work with our vocabulary words daily through a variety of activities.  Students are assessed every 2 weeks. 


Spelling:  quiz: (10 words)


replied, copying, groceries, picture, conditions

several, example, receive, iron, sandwich




Writing Workshop:



During this unit, the students read and write persuasive essays defending particular opinions as they explore elements of opinion writing.  


Writing Focus

  • students hear and discuss persuasive essays
  • students identify the purpose and audience for persuasive essays
  • students generate opinions they feel strongly about for persuasive essays





We are studying, learning anew reading about famous African Americans including Harriet Tubman, Henry Box Brown and Rosa Parks.

Math and Science  


Math-Chapter 13 & 14-Perimeter, Area & Geometry

 Students will...

-measure perimeter

-measure area

-relate perimeter and area

-draw points, lines, and rays

-draw parallel and perpendicular lines

-classify, measure and draw angles

-solve problems with angles

-understand triangles and quadrilaterals

-draw lines of symmetry


Reminder: your child can access '' or 'My Math' website


**The student password is taped on the inside of their Langdon folder.




Students will:

Investigate, develop and use models to explain how the sun's energy drives the water cycle. 

(Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Transpiration, Runoff, Groundwater)