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Language Arts and Social Studies  

Reading Workshop


Unit 3: Using Text Features-EXPOSITORY NONFICTION
During this unit, the students use wondering and questioning to help them understand expository nonfiction texts. 

Grammar focus skill: Simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, run-on sentences


VOCABULARY:  QUIZ 9/21/18  *12 words

hardship, seek, yearn, plead, experience, custom

dissimilar, focus, function, sensitive, critical, obstacle



 **We work with our vocabulary words daily through a variety of activities.  Students are assessed every 2 weeks. 


Spelling:  quiz: Sept. 28(10 words)

complete, between, reason, probably, separate

whether, weather, first, hurt, America



Writing Workshop:


The Writing Process

During this unit, the students learn about the writing process by working with pieces of writing from their first drafts through publication.  They select drafts to develop and publish.  


Writing Focus

  • students review recent drafts, select one to develop and publish
  • students reread their writing and revise it
  • students confer with teacher before publishing





We are studying, learning anW reading about famous African Americans including Harriet Tubman, Henry Box Brown and Rosa Parks.

Math and Science  


Math-Chapter 2-Add and Subtract Whole Numbers

 Students will...

-learn addition properties and subtraction rules

-learn addition and subtraction patterns

-add and subtract mentally

-estimate sums and differences

-add and subtract whole numbers

-subtract across zeros

-solve multi-step word problems


  Reminder: your child can access or the website that accompanies the book 

The student password is taped on the inside of their Langdon folder.




Students will:

investigate electric currents in circuits, the pathways through which electricity flows and explore conductors and insulators