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*Chapter 2:  Addition and Subtraction

                    --Addition Properties

                    --Estimating Sums and Differences

                    --Adding and Subtracting Multi-Digit Numbers 

                    --Test date: 9/13


*Students will use their agendas daily. Make a habit of checking it with them.

*Be sure homework is completed and returned to the yellow folder.

*Utilize the family letter as an overview of concepts, as well as, strategy examples.

*Students may access our math resources online. Each student has login information   taped inside his/her agenda.

*Practice basic addition and multiplication facts. Instant recall from memory of basic addition and multiplication facts is expected. Counting up will only handicap your child. Timed (5 min.) fluency tests are given each week. We will start with two-digit addition and subtraction. Students will be notified prior to starting multiplication facts. Continue to practice each night at home.




          --introducing a switch and a motor to the electrical circuit

          --testing items to determine conductors or insulators

          --Focus Question: What materials transfer electricity?

Our new science materials have arrived! We are so excited to have this resource.