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*Chapter 11 and 12:  Measurement

                    --customary units of length, weight, and capacity and conversions

                    --elapsed time and conversions between units of time

                    --line plots

                    --metric units of length, mass, and liquid volume and conversions

Go over homework to check for understanding and mastery of these skills.

*Utilize the family letter as an overview of concepts, as well as, strategy examples.

*Usernames and passwords are in your child's agenda for several websites that your child can utilize. These sites will be very beneficial as reinforcement of 4th grade skills.

*Practice basic addition and multiplication facts. Instant recall from memory of basic addition and multiplication facts is expected. Counting up will only handicap your child.

*Weekly Timed Fluency tests are given each Wednesday. Practice often to help your child successfully commit these facts to memory for instant recall. 


*Weather Patterns and Erosion and Weathering

Students will gain an understanding of how the water cycle is propelled by the sun's energy and will analyze and interpret weather data to predict changes in weather over time.

 Please go over the study guide and help your child memorize the information for test.