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*Chapter 13 and 14:  Perimeter/Area and Geometry

                    --find the perimeter of rectangular figures

                    --find the area of rectangular figures

                    --identify lines, segments, and rays

                    --identify lines as parallel, intersecting, or perpendicular

                    --classify and measure angles

                    --identify quadrilaterals

Go over homework to check for understanding and mastery of these skills.

*Utilize the family letter as an overview of concepts, as well as, strategy examples.

*Usernames and passwords are in your child's agenda for several websites that your child can utilize. These sites will be very beneficial as reinforcement of 4th grade skills.

*Practice basic addition and multiplication facts. Instant recall from memory of basic addition and multiplication facts is expected. Counting up will only handicap your child.

*Weekly Timed Fluency tests are given each Wednesday. Practice often to help your child successfully commit these facts to memory for instant recall. 


*Life Cycles of Living Things

          --describe the life cycle of a flowering plant, frog, and butterfly

 Please go over the study guide and help your child memorize the information for test.