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How Speech/Language Skills Can Affect Academic Performance  


Speech and language is an integral part of a students' learning process.  When a student has a deficit in either/both of these areas, it can impact a students academic performance.

Articulation is required for verbal expression in all curricular areas.  Deficits (depending on how many errors) can impact spelling and reading.  Noticeable differences can have an impact on self-confidence, peer relationships, and vocational/career opportunities.

Fluency/Stuttering can inhibit classroom participation and affect peer relationships.

Language encompasses many areas:  Auditory Processing, Semantics, Grammar/Syntax, and Pragmatics.  All these areas are vital to total effective communication.  If there are deficits in any of these areas, it can cause a student to have difficulties with their curriculum.

Voice disorders can include deviant vocal behavior related to the pitch, loudness and/or overall quality of a child's voice. A student with a voice disorder may have difficulty answering questions orally and making oral presentations in class. Voice behaviors should also be monitored during recess to ensure there is no misuse or vocal abuse.