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Class News  

 *Students will receive homework assignments Monday through Thursday of each week reinforcing skills and concepts covered in class. It is your child's responsibility to copy down all assignments in their agenda. Please ask to see your child's agenda and homework folder to check for test dates and review your child's work. Homework will be checked for completion and effort each day. As a reward, students who complete all math homework assignments for the nine weeks will receive an extra 100% homework grade in math.


*Graded papers will be sent home every other Wednesday. Review the papers with your child, sign the included record of grades, and return the folder no later than Monday. You may keep the papers at home.


*If your child has a medical issue, a medical care plan MUST be on file with Nurse Estes.


Students may bring a daily snack to enjoy mid-morning(no candy).


 Students are also encouraged to bring a bottle of plain water.  Please do not send soda, tea, sports drinks or flavored water.  They are very sticky when spilled:)


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