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For the week of September 24th

English / Language Arts:

Students will:

  • explore character change
  • use context clues to comprehend different texts
  • make inferences to understand characters
  • read independently



Students will: 

  • review drafts and select on to develop, revise, proofread and publish
  • add sensory details to writing
  • add temporal words and phrases to writing
  • explore strong opening and closing sentences



unfortunate - unlucky

fortunate - lucky

immense - huge or very large

fierce/fiercest - fierce means dangerous or violent; fiercest means most dangerous or most violent

magnificent - something you admire for its beauty or size

ungrateful - not thankful or not grateful

Review words and definitions from last week and this week - quiz Friday!     


passes        eggs

glasses       spent

facts          also

hands         bought

length        father

send           toward

Review words from last week and this week - test Friday!


Grammar:  Dialogue

Quiz Friday!

 Please encourage your child to read daily!!

Math Skills: 

  • Telling time
  • Elapsed time

Check My Progress review on Wednesday and Assessment on Thursday!

**We will give fact fluency quizzes every Friday starting September 7th**

Multiplication facts to study for the 1st nine weeks - 0's,1's,2's,3's,4's,5's & 10's. All multiplication quizzes will be averaged together for one test grade at the end of the nine weeks.


Social Studies:

Students will: 

  • learn about the state of Mississippi



Students will: 

  •  learn about predicting motion


Homework:  Packet due Friday.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - read for 15 minutes on these days and students will write in agenda. Parents need to initial on correct day verifying that your child has completed assignment.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - students will study multiplication facts. Parents need to initial on correct day verifying that your child has completed assignment. Also, a math homework sheet will be sent home that will be due on Friday.


Thank you for working with your child to ensure success!!