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Jump Rope Club  

BLUE hall JRC will begin September19th.  GREEN hall JRC will begin January 9th.

The following are rules and guidelines for JRC:

*I will assign 4-6 JRC members to a team.

*The BLUE HALL JRC will perform for L.E.S. on Friday, December 9th.

*The GREEN HALL JRC will perform for L.E.S. on Thursday, April 13th.  (This is the Thursday before Good Friday.)

*JRC will only be for hard working students with good behavior and attendance. Your child's teacher can determine if he/she will participate.

*Please be on time to every practice.  If you are late or absent more than 2 times, then you will no longer be a member of JRC.

*Please eat breakfast before you attend JRC practice. If you normally eat in the cafeteria for breakfast, please eat at home that morning.

*The student must sign and date my notebook for attendence.

*Blue hall schedule is as follows:

Poppenheimer and McKinnon practice will begin Monday, September 19th at 7:10.

Walker and Engberg practice will begin on Wednesday, September 21st at 7:10.

Ford and Latham practice will begin on Friday, September 23rd at 7:10.

GREEN hall JRC will begin on January 9th.  The schedule is as follows:

Hicks and Westmoreland practice will begin on Monday, January 9th at 7:10

Dailey and Simpson practice will begin on Wednesday, January 11th.


Thank you for your cooperation and I am looking forward to a great JRC year!